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Car Clock Light

September 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment

How often is it that just one thing breaks on a car?  I guess when you have an older car, things break often in twos and threes.  To continue my previous theme of DIY auto repair, this entry deals with the burned out clock light on a 98 Honda Accord.  This is a pretty simple fix which can be done in under 15 minutes and only cost a couple of bucks.

At first glance you will probably wonder how you can ever get to the light on the clock, it is actually quite simple.  Other sites state you can slip a credit card under the face and pop the clock up and then pull it out.  I had better luck by gripping the seam along one side with my finger nails and pulling it out.


Once you get the clock out you will find there is a small grey peice of plastic which looks somewhat like a screw.  This is the lamp holder for the light bulb.  You can use a screwdriver to release the lamp holder. 

 Clock Back

 Once you have the lamp holder out simply untwist the leads and pull out the burned out bulb. 

 Lamp Holder

When putting in the new bulb remember to twist the leads back around the lamp holder since this is how the leads make contact with the circuit on the back of the clock.  To make things abit easier you may wish to disconnect the other electrical connections (clock power and emergency flashers) from the back of the clock.  If you disconnect the emergency flashers your blinkers will not work until you reconnect them.

I tested the circuit and found that the light in my car would recieve9-10 volts of electricity.  I got a 12 volt replacement bulb at Radio Shack for $1.60  Two bulbs came in the package.

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