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How to Change the Fuel Filter on a 93 Honda Accord

April 7th, 2009 · 23 Comments

I decided to change the fuel filter on my 1993 Honda Accord shortly after I had the stall mentioned in my previous post.  I don’t think the fuel filter has ever been changed.  Since the car has over 200,000 miles, it would probably be a good thing to replace.


Since I was working on the fuel system, I needed to follow extra precautions to avoid an accident.  I began my work on the car after it had set a while, you don’t want to work on the fuel system of a hot car.  I then disconnected the battery, it is a good idea to place a non-conductive material such as a old towel over the terminals, you would not want to have an accidental spark occur on this job.

Relieving Fuel System Pressure

To relieve the pressure from the cars fuel lines, I loosened the gas cap and loosened the bolt at the end of the fuel rail.  You should have a wrag handy to catch any escaping gas.

Getting to the Fuel Filter 

According to my manual, I would need to remove the vacuum control box to get to the fuel filter.  I found that it was helpful to remove the air filter and air intake hose as well since removing this made removing the vacuum control box easier.

There were five vacuum lines that were connected to by control box, I disconnected these from the other ends where they attached at various points on my engine. One at the EGR, three on the intake manifold and one at the charcoal filter which is below the control box.

Using a 10 inch extension and a 10mm socket I unbolted the two screws tolding control box housing, lifted it out and placed it over off to the side, I did not need to disconnect the electrical connections.

Vacuum Control Box on a 93 Honda Accord

Vacuum Control Box on a 93 Honda Accord

The Fuel Filter
At last I was able to get to the fuel filter.  The filter has two connections to the fuel lines on the top, both of these need to be taken out.  There is a clamp that holds it in place against the firewall.  On one side of the clamp is a single bolt which keeps the clamp tightly around the fuel filter.  I removed this bolt and was able to get the filter out.

Fuel Filter for 93 Honda Accord

Fuel Filter on a 93 Honda Accord

My new fuel filter came with some copper washers, I had only seen one washer on the banjo connection when I removed the filter, but after reading in my 1993 Accord Repair Manual, I started to look for the second one.  It had become fused to the banjo bolt.  I removed this old washer and replaced both of them with the new copper washers and then installed the new fuel filter.  Make sure to re-tighten the bolt at the end of the fuel rail if you loosened it.

After you get the fuel filter back on, you will want to start the car and check for leaks.  I tightened mine pretty good since I didn’t want to have a leaky fuel system; I don’t have a torque wrench so I would say I gave it about an 8 or a 9.  The manual lists the torque that it should be tightened to.   I started the car before connecting the vacuum lines – it ran pretty rough, the check engine light came on and I couldn’t hardly keep it running.  After it shut off I looked for leaks, there were none.  I reconnected all the vacuum components and started it again to check for leaks – the car ran much better now; there were no leaks.  I finished the assembling everything, cleaned and packed away the tools.  I completed this job in probably one and a half hours.

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