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Replacing the Door Handle on a 93 Honda Accord

June 18th, 2011 · No Comments

Things break and wear out on old cars – My drivers side door handle had been broken for some time on my 93 Honda Accord, I just recently replaced it. I knew a few people that had some same generation Hondas they had decided to get rid of. Although it would have been nice to have a couple extra ones for parts, or to fix up and resell, I don’t really have the resources for that – So I asked for a few parts instead. This door handle was one of the parts that I got. I could also have gotten a 93 Honda Accord door handle on amazon, at a junk yard or an auto parts store.

This photo shows my old broken door handle.  The cover is the part that is broken, the cover secures the handle and it was a little tricky to open the door with the broken handle.

Broken Door Handle

Broken Door Handle

To replace the door handle I needed a couple of basic hand tools, a phillips screwdriver and needle nosed pliers.  Inside the recessed area of the door handle I lifted the small plastic cover exposing the screw.  I removed the screw and was able to slide the door handle assembly forward and out.  I had to disconnect the door handle connecting rod and the electric lock connector.

My replacement door handle was from a different year Accord, so the electric lock switch connector was not an exact replacement.  by removing the two screws that hold the switch in place I was able to swap out the switches.  Retail door handles will not likely contain a lock switch thus requiring the use of the old one.

Reassembly was basically the reverse of disassembly, however I had to make sure the door handle connecting rod was properly inserted into the hole in the door handle and secured by the plastic retaining clip.

Door Handle Components

Door Handle Components

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