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Using my Craftsman Bolt-Out Damaged Bolt and Nut Removers

March 10th, 2012 · No Comments

Another Rounded Off Nut

I recently got the chance to use one of my Craftsman Bolt-Out damaged bolt and nut removers.  I bought them when they went on sale a while back after seeing a mechanic use a similar set to remove a bolt for me after I had spent an entire evening cutting another nut off.  Read about that in my post How To Get Off a Rounded Nut.  This particular nut was a flange nut on the EGR valve on my 98 Honda Accord.  Due to the over sized top of the EGR valve, I couldn’t get a good grip on the nut with the socket because it was slightly angled.  I tried removing the nut, but it wouldn’t budge.  I applied some liquid wrench, but was impatient and didn’t wait for it to soak in like I should.  I tried some more and the socket was slipping off, it wasn’t long before I realized the nut was getting rounded.

Using the Damaged Bolt and Nut Removers

Frustrated, and recalling the experience I had with that last rounded nut, I realized that I would get to use my nut extractors.  Besides the Craftsman extractors I have, other options include this similar Bolt-Grip Bolt Extractor Set and Expansion Set by Irwin Industrial Tools and an option I have not yet tried, a set of Nut Splitters by TEKTON.  I found the appropriate size and put it on the end of the socket and placed it on the rounded nut.  On the first half hearted attempt, I put it on and twisted a bit, felt it grab a bit and slipped off.  Trying again, I gave it a couple of twists I could feel it starting to grab the nut and with a little more pressure it locked on good and tight.  I imagined the channels in the socked digging into the metal of the nut.  I was able to crank down on it real hard, and off came the nut.  I’m sure glad I got those damaged nut removers spending a few minutes getting off a rounded nut is much better than half a night.




Damaged bolt and nut removers

Craftsman Bolt-Out Damaged Bolt and Nut Removers



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